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May Revision-Outlook for the UC

The governor released his May Revision for the California State budget, and the news is much of the same. Education continues to be at the forefront of the cuts, taking arguably the worst cuts we have seen in decades. There are two basic proposals that have been put out. Decisions are really hinging on the May 19th special election, which has propositions to address a $42 billion dollar deficit (which since then has been projected to balloon $15 more even after the election).  Here’s the low down:

Current cuts are as follows (and this is the mess we’re facing right now)

$450,000,000 million dollar reduction to the UC Budget–which is made up of the following:
:::$115 million in new permanent reductions
:::$122 million in underfunded enrollment
:::$213 million in unfunded mandatory costs (inflation, utilities, health benefits, etc.)

All of this has been spread out in the forms of a 10% reduction in campus’ budgets across the board. Our fees have just been increased by 9.3%.

The cut for UC Santa Cruz we know is $13 million. Academic divisions were proposed to be cut/reduced anywhere from 2-10% (this is where the CMMU and LALS problem arose from). $3 million reduction to Student Affairs (our student services).What is not known, is what lays ahead. Increases in the cost of graduate student health care programs (GSHIP) of around 8-15%.

Here’s what the outlook will most likely look like after the failure (which is what the polls are showing) of the May 19th special election propositions

:::$125 million reduction in state funding
:::$115 million in previous permanent costs
:::$50 million new reduction in state funding
:::$31 million cut to UC Academic Preparation Programs
:::$210 million in underfunded mandatory costs and enrollment.
TOTAL: $531,000,000

Overall, the statewide situation is horrible. The distribution of these very cuts is still relatively unknown because it is still up in the air due to the election. One key factor to acknowledge though, is that these cuts have been calculated even with the incoming Federal Stimulus package. The severity of it all  is overwhelming.  More information as I get it.

Saludos y Adelante.

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