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  1. k7cycas

    Jerzees Factory Information:

    An article by an associate, Andy Lucker at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (SIUE), about the Jerzees Factory in Choloma Honduras originally published in October 2008.
    Letter from the UC President Robert Dynes signing the Designated Supplier’s Program (DSP).

    Click to access Scan00117.PDF

    Communications from the Worker’s Rights Consortium to Affiliate Universities (including the University of California)
    The Designated Supplier’s Program in detail.

    Click to access Designated%20Suppliers%20Program%20-%20Revised.pdf

  2. k7cycas

    The Nuclear-Free UC kids homepage.

  3. k7cycas

    The UC Master Plan to provide “free tuition” public education to Californians.

    Click to access MasterPlan1960.pdf


    Tuition Relief Org.

  4. k7cycas

    Articles about costs at the University of California by Professor Emeritus Charles Schwartz of UC Berkeley

  5. k7cycas

    Critical Article about the $500 million research donation by BP to UC

  6. k7cycas

    Cal Disorientation Guide Article on UC Democratization:

  7. k7cycas

    UCSC stop-LRDP org page

  8. k7cycas

    UC Newsroom – “UC Regents approve plans to trim enrollment, freeze senior management pay as part of response to state budget challenge”

  9. k7cycas

    Although the AFSCME 3299 contract campaign is over, this site still holds some relevant information

  10. k7cycas

    Tobacco Industry Funds UC:

    As of 2007, 23 Tobacco Industry funded projects at UC campuses. Total worth of 2007 funding is $16,647,661 (from Phillip Morris USA). $39 million from 1995-2007. 11 gifts from Tobacco Industry to UC campuses, totalling $485,000 between January 2005 and June 2007. Damages academic integrity.(source: Michael Ong)

  11. k7cycas

    UC Regents and Conflict of Interest

    Old article that doesn’t apply to current UC Regents, but still informative.

  12. k7cycas

    UC Regents Corrupt

    Article by Will Parrish of UC Nuclear Free (UCSC graduate) and Chelsea Collonge of UCB

  13. k7cycas

    Two articles from Regents regarding corruptive practices in the UC

    On the lack of power of Regents:

    On Tobacco Funding:

  14. k7cycas

    2005 Article – UC audit blasts administrators, president’s office

  15. k7cycas

    2009 Article – UC admits misleading public about buyout-taker

  16. k7cycas

    2007 Article – UCSF medical school fires dean in dispute over finances
    (whistle-blower on major irregularities in finances)

  17. k7cycas

    -Organizational Structure of UCSC-


    Pheonix Project– “The Phoenix Project is a new organization that seeks to contribute to systemic reform of the University of California, the goal being a more responsible, just, diverse, equitable, sustainable, and democratically-governed public University.”

  18. k7cycas

    UCSC Financial Statistics (including Operating Budget)

    operating budget: $522.5 million

  19. k7cycas

    UCSC Endowment (June 2008)

    Click to access foundation.pdf

    $115,752,000 (wikipedia states it at 498 million, but that’s incorrect)

  20. k7cycas

    Engaging Education (e²) is a Student-Initiated Outreach and Retention Center for student engagement and academic excellence.

    It is a supportive and dynamic space for programming that addresses the low rates of recruitment, retention and graduation that historically under resourced communities face within higher education.

    To build a foundation for students to grow and engage in grassroots organizing, student activism, community building both inside and outside the university, and understanding of legacies of social justice struggles.

    e² partners with the University of California community to provide a purposeful, transformative, and relevant educational experience for all students.

  21. k7cycas

    Reoccupied (new school university)

  22. k7cycas

    “NYC Student Movement: Occupy Everything!… Now?”

  23. k7cycas

    City on a Hill Press article on funding to bio/phys sciences while others fail.

  24. k7cycas

    UC-AFT: Why UC Should Raise Librarian Salaries to Market Level

  25. k7cycas

    UC AFT is keeping track of SF Chronicle’s articles on Exec. Pay

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