Current Flyers:

note: to download highest-resolution images, after clicking the link, scroll down to where it says “download”.

Articles (official and unofficial):

Critique of the UC by UAW

What has the UC become? by k7cycas


The Project – Vol 5 – Issue 2

The Project – Vol 5 – Issue 1 (website)

UC Master Plan – 1960 – (note: on free tuition)

Med. Exec. Salaries Nov. 2008 by AFSCME 3299

Some Findings by Sherwin

3.12 Budget Forum PPT (by SUA)

Old Files

forum flyer – location tba – (wip)

May 26-28 Week flyer – Fi

May 28 Action w/ baby/fist – K

May 28 Action flyer 1 – K

Simple Qtr Sheets – StvGamRm/Wed6p

New Week of Apr 26 Qtr Sheets by Max/Juan with Edits

week of apr 26 Qtr Sheets by max/juan

week of apr 26 Calendar by max/juan

Dear UC (forum version)

Dear UC (info only)

No More Cuts Quarter Sheets

Community Forum Flyer – Conference D 5pm version

Community Forum Quarter Sheet – Conference D 5pm version

Mission Statement (version2_locTBA)

Want to post something using this file server ( Contact k7cycas

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