November 13 (2009) – Library Sit-in

Past Events:

March 12 (2009) – SUA Sponsored Budget Forum

click here for a reportback

SUA provided us with a copy of their comprehensive powerpoint. It breaks down the budget situation as of March very well.

April 7 (2009) – Save Community Studies Meeting

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April 15 (2009) – UCSC Community Forum*

5-7pm – Conference Room D (above the baytree bookstore building)

“We will not pay for your crisis!”

Concerned about class sizes, the conditions of your labor on campus, increased tuition, the elimination of jobs, rent hikes, and poverty wages?

What: A public space to discuss, and plan action against the long running corporatization of UCSC as well as the priorities of the UC administrators during this financial crisis. The Forum intends to bring a wide range of voices together from undergraduates, campus workers, graduate students, professors/lectures, to union members in order to advance an alternative vision of a truly public university, so that we can build the foundation to challenge the UC’s logic of scarcity.

Who: you, members of campus organizations, workers, community members.

Action: not only will we discuss our points of commonality at the forum, we will actively plan a Day of Action to begin to make our voices heard.

press coverage:

April 22 (2009) – “Stop the Budget Cuts” Action

Initiated by the Ad-hoc Committee to Stop the Budget Cuts

Meet us at the quarry near the bookstore this Wednesday at noon to voice your concerns about the budget cuts. Recently, LALS professors have been listed for termination, Community Studies Department has been placed on the chopping block, 10% cuts to all departments, 9.3% tuition increase and many other issues have begun to sink into the reality of students on campus. This is our time to tell the UC administrators to end the budget cut BS! The decision about the two LALS professors have a deadline of May 1st and thus action must be taken immediately!

Media Coverage:

April 22 – Community Forum Action Planning Continuation*

In the wake of the Community Forum, more action planning will take place. Meeting will take place at Stevenson Game Room (near the Cafe) at 6pm.

April 29 – Escalation of Budget Fight Back

More details will be available soon.

Through collaboration with other organizations on campus we will be holding another rally and march similar in nature to our April 22 action. Our goal for this action will be to turn out more people in preparation for May Day and to demand that Community Studies and LALS professors not be cut! Planning for future actions are still in their preliminary stages, so take part and help shape the movement!

April 30th – Teach-out!

Sponsored by the ULU/AFT

more details here.

May 1st (2009) -May Day!

Sponsored by Movement for Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA)

MIRA, composed of Students Informing Now, Student Worker Coalition for Justice among many others, is hosting this year’s May Day in celebration of workers and immigrants. The rally will begin at 12:30pm in the Quarry near the bookstore on May 1st. More information to be posted soon!

indybay posting

May 6th (2009) – Solidarity Picket with UPTE Local 1

sponsored by: ULU

7am to 9am at the UCSC entrance. Help pass out flyers! UPTE Local 1 will be striking this day. More information can be found here.

UPTE Local 1 website

May 11th (2009) – Call-in for GSHIP

Call Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger and Dean of Graduate Studies Lisa Sloan Monday between 8am to 5pm to urge them not to increase GSHIP fees! See posting for more information.

EVC David Kliger: 831-459-3885
Dean of Graduate Studies Lisa Sloan:  831-459-5905

May 13th (2009) – Justice for Jesus Gutierrez

sponsored by AFSCME 3299, et al
Note: Location is at UC Berkeley. This event notice brought to you by Student-Worker Coalition for Justice.

facebook group

May 28th

There was an action at the base

September 24 (2009) -UPTE CWA 9119 (University Professional & Technical Employees) Strike

UPTE is striking. In solidarity UC faculty members & students are encouraged to walk out.

See UPTE’s strike announcement. Also, see the UC faculty walkout site.


*hosted by newUC

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