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Brief Reportback: April 22 Walkout

note: this is not an official release. Please feel free to comment and share your perspectives on the event!

The rally at the Quarry had approximately 300 people. There was a lot of energy and the several speakers at the event were vocal against the budget cuts. Among the speakers at the event included students and lecturers from affected departments and programs. Some media was present.

Next week, another rally is planned for Wednesday, noon, at the Quarry Plaza.

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Walkout Against LALS Terminations!

This Wednesday at noon, meeting in Quarry Plaza!

More information can be found here

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e² Budget Forum

The organization e-squared (aka. Engaging Education) is holding a forum on the budget after the newUC community forum.

See this flyer for more details.

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UC-AFT to hold Teach-Out

UC-AFT (American Federation of Teachers) is holding a teach out. This was recently released:

The National New Majority Faculty Day
Thursday, April 30th 2009
12 – 1pm, UCSC Baytree Plaza

* Fight Cuts & Defend Quality Education including Community Studies and other vital UCSC programs
* Demand Justice for Lecturers, Librarians, TA’s, and Campus Staff who are under attack by budget cuts and misplaced priorities
* Prioritize Students who are tired of paying more but getting less

On April 30th faculty members at UC will be holding classes outside to draw attention to the fact that most of the people teaching in higher education do not have tenure and have limited academic freedom and job security.

The current budget situation exposes the vulnerability of non-senate faculty, as well as students, staff, and libraries.  Students are paying more and more, but getting fewer course offerings, bigger class sizes, and decreased services.

It is time for UC to prioritize its education mission. Together, non-senate faculty, librarians, campus staff, and students will demand justice at UC.

Here’s how you can participate Thursday, April 30th:

•    Come to the Teach-Out at 12 Noon at Baytree Plaza to help get our message out to the campus and the media
•    Teach all or part of your classes outside to make the valuable work of Non-Senate faculty more visible*
•    Spread the word about the Teach-Out to friends, colleagues, and students

* If your classes are M, W, F, we encourage you to hold class outdoors on Friday, May 1st (International Labor Day) instead.

for more information about this event you can contact UC-AFT field representative Allison Guevara: AGuevara.UCAFT [at]

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Two LALS Professors to be Terminated

According to the director of the Chicano/Latino Research Center (CLRC), Dr. Gabriela Arredondo, two professors from the Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) Department are being terminated. This is the letter Dr. Arredondo released:

As a response to the current budget crisis, Social Sciences Dean Sheldon Kamieniecki is recommending the termination of Dr. Susanne Jonas and Dr. Guillermo Delgado, founding members of the CLRC, long-time research fellows, and founding members of the LALS Department.

As many of you know, they are valued and treasured teachers. Dr. Jonas joined the UCSC community in 1986; Dr. Delgado joined us in 1989. In addition to teaching successfully six courses per year, both are internationally distinguished scholars whose research is published in leading journals and presses both in the U.S. and in Latin America.

Dr. Delgado (PhD, UT Austin) is an advisor to the President of Bolivia and is currently serving on the Executive Committee of LASA. He is a specialist in Latin American comparative indigeneity; indigenous property rights; cultures of the sacred; Quechua/Andean linguistics, culture theory, and anthropology in the developing world.

Dr. Jonas (PhD, UC Berkeley) recently received a prestigious award from ALAS (Asociacion Latinoamericano de Sociologia) and is an internationally renowned scholar on Central America. She is a specialist in Central American immigration and Latino communities in the U.S., comparative Latin American politics, Central American binational organizing, U.S. foreign policy in Latin America, the Left in Latin America, and comparative peace processes in Central America.

As many of you already know, colleagues in the Community Studies Department are also facing extreme consequences under proposed budget cuts.

The CLRC invites you to join us in firmly supporting our colleagues. Please share this information widely. Your expressed support and active opposition to the termination of Dr. Delgado and Dr. Jonas is critical in these difficult times.

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The Project Released! (vol5 iss2)

The Project Newspaper/Magazine has been released. You can see a copy by clicking this link or pick up a paper copy on campus.

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newUC on KPFA

Sunday April 12th, Laura Martin, co-founder of the newUC project, was briefly interviewed about the upcoming Community Forum on KPFA Evening News. Her portion of the broadcast starts at 20 minutes in, click here for the full broadcast.


KPFA is a listener supported radio station in Berkeley, CA.

Special thanks to Veronica Faisant for the interview.

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April 7 Com. Studies Meeting Reportback

Meeting took place on April 7th, 2009 at 6pm. Following this meeting was another meeting that is not covered in this reportback. Note, CMMU is an abbreviation for Community Studies.

The Dean is the one pursuing the funding cuts that would demolish the CMMU department. However, the Dean cannot by himself do anything other than start the process. Afterwards, it must go through several different committees and finally the Executive Vice Chancellor has the final decision making power.

As far as students are concerned with finishing their degree; students have “catalog rights” that allow students that haven’t even declared yet to declare CMMU since it was available upon your enrollment. With that said, this may still be difficult since lecturers are not protected by catalog rights and might be shut out of teaching courses integral for the students’ success.

The department is asking for e-mails to be sent to the proper contacts (listed on their website) with a CC to the (CC is carbon copy of the email). Furthermore, they are asking everyone to contact state representatives that can put pressure on the UC administration. The department has created a flyer for organizing details and have posted that on their campaign website as well, a link is at the bottom of the article.

A student lead organization is being formed to fight the cut. You can contact them to get involved at

Many organizations came to support the CMMU campaign including e-squared (engaging education) and a Santa Cruz AIDS project. Also, on behalf of newUC, Emma announced our community forum and expressed our support for CMMU.

One issue raised about the impact of shutting down CMMU included the enormous work done by CMMU field studies into promoting health in the community that might jeopardize a great deal of volunteer work.

CMMU staff encouraged more actions and suggested one around the Alumni Reunion days (around April 26th)

The Bottom Line (as stated by CMMU chair): the UC needs more transparency in its budget cuts.

Save Community Studies Website:

Video Coverage by City on a Hill Press:

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Community Forum – April 15th

“We will not pay for your crisis!”

Concerned about class sizes, the conditions of your labor on campus, increased tuition, the elimination of jobs, rent hikes, and poverty wages?

What: A public space to discuss, and plan action against the long running corporatization of UCSC as well as the priorities of the UC administrators during this financial crisis. The Forum intends to bring a wide range of voices together from undergraduates, campus workers, graduate students, professors/lectures, to union members in order to advance an alternative vision of a truly public university, so that we can build the foundation to challenge the UC’s logic of scarcity.

When: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 – 5pm to 7pm

Who: you, members of campus organizations, workers, community members.

Where: Conference Room D (Above the Baytree Bookstore)

Action: not only will we discuss our points of commonality at the forum, we will actively plan a Day of Action to begin to make our voices heard.

(a new UC project)
Flyers: full page 1 & quarter sheets 1

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Meeting This Week!

During yesterday’s spring break meeting, we decided to hold this week’s meeting at 6:30pm at Stevenson Cafe (3/31/2009). We will hopefully have a place to meet by next week as a permanent location. Furthermore, Ryan is compiling a list of schedules people have for this quarter to determine the best possible meeting time for this quarter, so it is possible that both the meeting time and the meeting location will be different starting next week. Please check your e-mail and respond to Ryan’s e-mail with your schedule/times that work for you as soon as possible. If you are not on the listserv and would like to be please contact us.

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Rent Hikes for Family Student Housing!

According to Indybay, at the March 16th meeting discussing the status of FSH:

…officials assured everyone that the rent, which is far more expensive than comparable units at other UC’s, and which has gone up 56% in the last nine years, needs to go up another 7.5%. They explained that due to the Long Range Development Plan, residents need to pay much of their rent into future housing costs, some of which would go into doubling the units at family student housing.

There will be another meeting tonight (3/30/2009) from 5:45pm to 7:30pm in the Affiliates Building at Family Student Housing.

Click here for the whole article.

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UC Unions Speak Out Against Executive Pay

Check out this new article by CUE and UPTE in the SF Chronicle about executive pay at the UC.

The bottom line is that the number of UC executives earning more than $200,000 nearly tripled in recent years

(note: thanks john)

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Important! Meeting Location Change!

Due to unexpected circumstances, we are no longer able to meet in Humanities I – Room 200. We will be meeting in the Stevenson Cafe (same time/day… 6pm Tuesday) for this week.

update: We need help finding a permanent place to meet. We are currently considering off-campus locations as well as a few other campus locations, if you have ideas please leave a comment.

(note: We will be meeting Tuesday of Finals week)

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Reportback: UC Budget Meeting – Student Affairs

UC Budget Meeting (Th – Mar 12)
Hosted by SUA – Guests: Administrators of Student Affairs

A 2 hour meeting approximately. A presentation was given by SUA with intermittent discussion periods in between slides. Then a question and answer period with Student Affairs administrators, among which included Felicia McGinty.

According to Felicia McGinty:
-115 million dollars in cut to the entire UC confirmed
-Another 50 million dollars in cuts possibly, depending on the Obama Stimulus
-Net Cut can reach 450 million dollars (to UC system)
-Total UCSC cut totals 13 million dollars
-Of which, UCSC Student Affairs will be cut 3 million; 1.5m in programs and 1.5m in housing
-UCSC endowment has been affected by the budget crisis to some extent

Additional Notes:

-questions were raised regarding the general state of and how cuts will affect: AB540 students (undocumented), outreach to communities of color, among other things. Michelle Whittingham indirectly answered some of these questions by giving examples of successful programs in place (note: the lack of direct answers were abundant at the meeting and may have been partly due to the unfinalized nature of where the cuts were going)
-Most students in attendance seemed unwilling to submit to any cuts at all.
-In response to a question about student fees, Felicia McGinty said that certain fees (reg. fees?) go to UCSC, while some other fees are given to the UC system to divide up. She stated that most of the fees that students pay that go to the UC system are from there disproportionately distributed to the campuses with medical centers (particularly UCLA and UCSF). In other words, a good chunk of the money that UCSC students pay to the UC doesn’t actually go to UCSC. According to Felicia McGinty, George Blumenthal has been a strong advocate for this issue and has been lobbying the Regents to change the redistribution system of fees.

There was a comprehensive powerpoint presentation by SUA. For more information contact SUA. SUA Commissioner of Academic Affairs: Matt Palmer: or

For those interested: Student Affairs Organizational Structure

Budget Forum Powerpoint (courtesy of SUA)

Quote of the night:

“Its pathetic we live in a state that has a larger budget for prisons than education” -Felicia McGinty


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Community Forum

Although still in preliminary stages. We will be holding a “community forum” to discuss issues at the UC on April 15th. More information to come!

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