The newUC Mission

We are people who see a need to change the University of California. We are the stakeholders of the university. We are the university.

(Original) Mission Statement:

UC executives claim that we are in a state of crisis, a crisis that will force us to “tighten our belts.”  But whose belts, and on whose terms?  Not the executives themselves, but the families, workers, and students, the vast majority of those tied to the UC system.  “Tightening our belts” is a threat to increase class sizes, eliminate jobs, perpetuate poverty wages, and hike up student fees. This climate of fear presents us with stark choices:  affordable, quality education versus dignity for UC workers; research versus teaching; manageable class sizes versus access to education.  If we view education as a commodity, then we will succumb to these false choices.  But if we are able to advance an alternative vision of a truly public university, then we can build the foundation to challenge the UC’s logic of scarcity.

We are a coalition in formation that is working to develop collective struggle to save quality of education in the UC from regressive, belt-tightening attacks, to ensure universal access to education, and to promote the freedom of thought in the university.  We call for transparency in the UC budget and accountability for the executives who make decisions that affect our lives.  We also seek to change the current autocratic structure of decision-making by building a coalition of students, workers, educators, parents, and community members.  We refuse to fight over pieces of a shrinking pie; we will work instead to create a space to understand the points of connection of our various struggles.  Despite the apparent contradictions, in this moment we need each other to fight back against the cuts and develop a vision of a different, better UC.


thenewuc [at] gmail.com


University of California, Santa Cruz:

About the Blog

Although this site is designed as a space to represent the newUC project, it is also a public space for discussion and sharing information. As such, we have guest bloggers from different organizations sharing their thoughts. If you would like to contribute, please contact thenewuc@gmail.com – subject line: add me as a blogger – and some information about yourself.

2 responses to “About

  1. Mad love to y’all from UC Democracy, a sister org. We are trying to plan a statewide convergence in June if you want to share info or organize statewide with us. When so many org.s are poppin up like this all over the state, you know it’s time for change. When we work together, we know we can do it! Mwah!

  2. Anna Schoendorfer

    I am a student at UC Merced, dedicated to organizing a protest group similar to yours, called S.O.S.(save our schools). We would like to collaborate for upcoming events that involve all UC campuses. On November 1st, President Yudof and 5 other UC Regents will be visiting our campus during the discussion of successor appointment for our new Chancellor. We plan on rallying, protesting, and demanding that Yudof and the Regents acknowledge our demands that the new chancellor be one who will serve the interests of the University community, not the administration. We will propose our demands to Yudof and the other Regents, and request their response.
    We also plan on attending the Regents Meeting in UCSF on November 17th. We will be protesting the proposed fee increases, demand a reinstatement of the original UC Master Plan, one which appoints the UC Regents in the interests of the University community: students, teachers, workers, and community. Unity amongst the campuses could only drive our common message further.
    I am reaching out to contact all the protest groups on the UC campuses, with a goal of collaborating with some of the action effort.
    Please contact me about these proposals, as soon as possible.

    In Solidarity,
    S.O.S. (Save Our School)

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