Planning for Nov. 18th

here is a notice from a group organizing around Nov. 18th to stand in solidarity with stakeholders at UCLA during the next Regents meeting. The Regents will be making the decision on whether they will implement the 32% fee increase.

They are holding a planning meeting for students, workers, teachers on Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 3pm @ San Lorenzo Park.

from the facebook group:

On November 18th, UC Santa Cruz is a university without students.

From the 17th to the 19th, the UC Regents will again meet to vote on another proposed student tuition increase: now a particularly unbearable 32% over two semesters, last summer 9%. If this increase is approved, the cost of a UC education will have tripled since 2000.

At the same time, the UC administration has been forcing furloughs on workers and teachers, slashing jobs, and drastically cutting student services.

We, as students, teachers, workers, refuse to support this. A call has been issued for a system wide strike, and thousands are gathering at UCLA to protest the regents meeting.

Here, at UC Santa Cruz, in solidarity with students and workers across the state and against the proposed tuition hikes that we face, students are walking out of classes and shutting the campus down. The administration is making the university a place inhospitable for students and workers. On the 18th and the days that follow, we assert our right to the university. We will prove to the university that we are not going away and that our mass refusal knows no ends.

Come plan to make this necessary action happen. Spread the word to everyone you know – we need all input and involvement.

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