Cuts to Student Media

a letter from Save the Student Voice:

Dear UCSC Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff,
Help support the Student Voice by demanding student input and transparency in the budget cut process! Click here to express your concern!
In the first weeks of summer, Student Affairs administration reallocated funding from student initiated Measure 7, laying off the Director of Student Media, a 32% cut of Student Media’s Measure 7 funding. Measure funds are not affected by state funds and should be protected from the budget cuts!
SFAC (The Student Fee Advisory Committee set in place to ensure student input) did not make recommendations on funding allocation for 2009-10. Measure 7 falls under the purview of SFAC and changes to this funding cannot be made without the participation of this committee. It is outrageous that past recommendations are being overridden as decisions are made without students!
These are unauthorized cuts, that eliminate critical advising for students in media law, the First Amendment, ad sales and underwriting. These cuts threaten ability for student press to publish Inability to produce content = CENSORSHIP.
The student voice must be heard, especially in the process of budget cuts!
All student measures and program funds are at risk of being reallocated.
Demand transparency and student input in these decisions!

Visit for more information about Measure 7 funds and to stand up for the student voice!

Contact the administration to voice your opinion and encourage other students, staff, faculty, alumni and your parents to do the same!
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