Healthcare Cost Surges for Grad Students

The following is from Protect GSHIP:

…last week Lisa Sloan, Dean of Graduate Studies, officially asked that the Graduate Student Association approve concessions in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP).  These concessions will increase the cost of co-pays for doctor visits ($10 to ~$20), prescriptions, and emergency care ($50 to ~$150), as well as the limit on our yearly out-of-pocket expense ($3,000 to ~$4,000).  Essentially, your costs for basic health care will increase next year. This increase, in conjunction with significant rent increases for graduate students living in Family Student Housing and impending cuts to graduate student funding across academic divisions, marks a concerted effort on the part of the UCSC Administration to transfer a significant portion of the University’s budgetary shortfall to one of the groups that is least able to bear an increased burden. Meanwhile, the UC Regents are hiring executives with significant salary increases (at other campuses—see SF Chronicle article below); our very own EVC Kliger and Dean Sloan make $250,000 and $150,000 per year, respectively—obviously these decisionmakers are acting as if they are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with our reality, even if they entertain the burden of their own salary cut this coming year to “share our pain.” They are acting as if they are incapable of comprehending that we are, basically, already too poor to absorb higher health care and housing costs.

It is time for us to band together and take action.  If we do not speak up, the Administration will continue to ask us to make sacrifices that we cannot afford to make.  For this reason, we are calling for a “Call-In Action” to take place on Monday, May 11.  During business hours on Monday, we ask you to call the offices of EVC David Kliger and DGS Lisa Sloan to express your opposition to cuts to GSHIP.

We also encourage you to recruit your family members (parents, partners, children) to call EVC Kliger and DGS Sloan on the same day.  We need to let the UCSC Administration know that graduate students cannot afford further financial hardship.  We have attached to this email a sample script for your phone call, as well as a sample script for your friends and family members.

We encourage you to go beyond the script to share your stories with EVC Kliger and DGS Sloan.  You may want to explain how the cuts to GSHIP will combine with other recent policies to significantly increase the cost of your education.  You may want to call more than once, in order to make clear how important this issue is to you.  If you get his voice mail, leave a detailed message and try again later.  You should also consider sending an email to both administrators.  We have attached a sample template email for this purpose.  You can also find these resources through the “Protect GSHIP” group on Facebook.  Sign up via Facebook to participate in this event:

EVC David Kliger:     831-459-3885
DGS Lisa Sloan:    831-459-5905

“My name is ____ and I am a graduate student in ____.  I am calling to urge you to make  no cuts to GSHIP.  The work I do is essential to UCSC and I (and my family) cannot  afford to pay any more for the basic right of health care.”

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