April 7 Com. Studies Meeting Reportback

Meeting took place on April 7th, 2009 at 6pm. Following this meeting was another meeting that is not covered in this reportback. Note, CMMU is an abbreviation for Community Studies.

The Dean is the one pursuing the funding cuts that would demolish the CMMU department. However, the Dean cannot by himself do anything other than start the process. Afterwards, it must go through several different committees and finally the Executive Vice Chancellor has the final decision making power.

As far as students are concerned with finishing their degree; students have “catalog rights” that allow students that haven’t even declared yet to declare CMMU since it was available upon your enrollment. With that said, this may still be difficult since lecturers are not protected by catalog rights and might be shut out of teaching courses integral for the students’ success.

The department is asking for e-mails to be sent to the proper contacts (listed on their website) with a CC to the CMMU@ucsc.edu (CC is carbon copy of the email). Furthermore, they are asking everyone to contact state representatives that can put pressure on the UC administration. The department has created a flyer for organizing details and have posted that on their campaign website as well, a link is at the bottom of the article.

A student lead organization is being formed to fight the cut. You can contact them to get involved at saveCMMU@gmail.com

Many organizations came to support the CMMU campaign including e-squared (engaging education) and a Santa Cruz AIDS project. Also, on behalf of newUC, Emma announced our community forum and expressed our support for CMMU.

One issue raised about the impact of shutting down CMMU included the enormous work done by CMMU field studies into promoting health in the community that might jeopardize a great deal of volunteer work.

CMMU staff encouraged more actions and suggested one around the Alumni Reunion days (around April 26th)

The Bottom Line (as stated by CMMU chair): the UC needs more transparency in its budget cuts.

Save Community Studies Website: http://communitystudies-ucsc.pbwiki.com

Video Coverage by City on a Hill Press: http://www.vimeo.com/4073923


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