Hypotheses, resources on budget process

Hi everybody,

Here are the links that I brought to the meeting yesterday.  Right now I’m working with a hypothesis that leads to some questions that I suspect the administration wouldn’t want to answer.  Also, I have some suggested demands for info based on certain gaps in the info that the administration has published.




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2 responses to “Hypotheses, resources on budget process

  1. thenewuc

    Check out the budget calendar – after decisions are made the “Campus resource plan and allocation information communicated to campus” in May and June. Then I suppose we’re supposed to just accept the new budget since decisions have been made and there’s nothing that the administrators can do, and hey, it’s summer anyhow.

  2. Jeff

    This is from : http://planning.ucsc.edu/budget/rechargerates.asp

    A recharge is defined as “the cost charged to a University department for specific goods or services
    provided by another University department”. Recharges move funding/expenses from one
    department to another, without increasing total funding for the campus.

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