Environmental Studies budget meeting of sorts

So I just returned from the event by Environmental Studies on the budget. The interesting point was that I was nearly the only person who wanted to know more about the budget.

However, Daniel Press did provide more insight on how the budget works. He explained that the UC is not like a private university where the deans get a pot of money to divy up. The ENVS department recieves its permanent faculty budget from the state, however funds for TA-ships and some other funds make up their instructional budget come from the Dean, but Daniel was somewhat vague as to how that worked. He mentioned that Kliger was above the deans, but would probably say he didn’t have money or discretion either, which he would have some more discretion but ultimately it did not sound like he would be in charge of the budget necessarily.

What I draw from this is that we will just be fighting amongst ourselves for more money for our various projects if we direct our action at Kliger or the Chancellor. Certainly we could potentially gain more democracratic control of our education here at UCSC by directing actions at Kliger and the Chancellor, but it seems to me like actually having democratic gains would be had through a statewide struggle for education to be a priority of the state and the nation.


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