AFSCME 3299 Contract Details

The following is an excerpt from

After a year and half of negotiations, we have reached a historic contract with UC!  Despite UC’s excuse that they didn’t have any money, our militant actions, hard work and determination made UC agree to our major demands! We have fundamentally changed UC to improve the lives of the thousands of the lowest paid workers at UC!

Issue: Tentative Agreement
ATBs Year 1: 4% (3 % FULL retro to 10-1-08 + 1% 7-1-09) GUARANTEED

Year 2: 3%  GUARANTEED


Year 4: 3% – We have right to strike if the money is not there

Year 5: 3% – We have right to strike if the money is not there

Total: 16% – 10% guaranteed + 6% dependent on state funding

Steps Initial Placement: 1 step credit for every 2 year seniority in current title (10/1/09)

With additional annual movement to bring everyone up to their correct step at time of ratification.

2% Automatic Seniority Based Steps Guaranteed with automatic annual movement between steps (starting 7/1/09 & annual thereafter)

Guaranteed minimum 6% in steps increases for eligible employees!

Minimum Wage $14/hour guaranteed statewide minimum wage by the end of the contract (immediately  increased to $12/hour, and then $12.50/hour on 10/1/09)
Pension Protection Service workers’ future contributions to UCRP will be the same that PCT negotiates.

No reduction in take-home pay, instead when University contributions to UCRP resume Service workers will re-direct 2% contribution from DCP to the UCRP.

Healthcare Protection Same as PCT: 12% cap on healthcare increases over any 2 year period, starting with 2008
Overtime OT after shift & double time pay after 12 hours in the 10/1/2012
Education Leave Immediately increased from 24 hours to 40 hours per year
Equity Same as PCT: Decreases new hire inequity from 5% to 2% immediately and eliminates it completely by end of the contract
Parking Same as PCT: Caps on increases for parking rates (varies by campus; most annual increases capped at $5-$10/ month)
No Discrimination Same as PCT: Better protections against discrimination of immigrant workers

Yes, we did!

  • Fundamentally changed the pay system at UC to one that rewards our seniority!
  • For the first time ever, won guaranteed raises that are not dependent on state funding!
  • Secured the best benefits protections we have ever had!
  • Increased the statewide minimum wage by over $3/hour by the
    end of the contract!
  • For the first time ever, caps on parking rate increases!

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