A Statement (a work in progress)

This statement is a work in progress and is not (yet) an official statement of our coalition.

“UC executives claim that we are in a
state of crisis, a crisis that will force us to “tighten our belts.”
But whose belts, and on whose terms?  Not the executives themselves,
but the families, workers, and students, the vast majority of those
tied to the UC system.  “Tightening our belts” is a threat to increase
class sizes, eliminate jobs, perpetuate poverty wages, and hike up
student fees. This climate of fear presents us with stark choices:  affordable,
quality education versus dignity for UC workers; research versus teaching;
manageable class sizes versus access to education.  If we view education as a
commodity, then we will succumb to these false choices.  But
if we are able to advance an alternative vision of a truly public
university, then we can build the foundation to challenge the UC’s
logic of scarcity.

We are a coalition in formation that is working to develop collective struggle to
save quality of education in the UC from regressive, belt-tightening attacks, to
ensure universal access to education, and to promote the freedom of thought in the
university.  We call for transparency in the UC budget and accountability for the
executives who make decisions that affect our lives.  We also seek to
change the current autocratic structure of decision-making by building
a coalition of students, workers, educators, parents, and community members.  We
refuse to fight over pieces of a shrinking pie; we
will work instead to create a space to understand the points of
connection of our various struggles.  Despite the apparent
contradictions, in this moment we need each other to fight back against
the cuts and develop a vision of a different, better UC.”


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